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Amanda and Lane | Married

So I photographed my first wedding last weekend. It was {perfectly} Wyoming. Here is one of my favorite shots from the day. Keep an eye out in the next week for more! Happy Honeymoon, you two!View full post »

The Hurley’s | Expecting Little Liam

These are our wonderful friends Nick and Heidi. They are expecting their first little one within the next month! love this 🙂 View full post »

Cousins! Trip to Ohio for Memorial Day

Awesome weekend seeing my Grandma and my cousins! Also got to meet the adorable Baby Zane. This is Zane’s REALLY excited face He LOVES his daddy.  What a bunch of monkeys!!! View full post »

Miss Ava | 4th Birthday

These photos are of the sweetest little girl, Ava, and her family. And I tried as hard as I could to cut these down to the fewest possible photos…but still ended up with 50+ photos that I just HAD to post. This kiddo is just too cute to hideView full post »

Tammie, Amanda and Baby Rylan | Mother’s Day

Here are more photos of the handsome Mr Rylan and his loving Momma and Grandmomma — Happy Mothers Day to you both! 🙂 This photoshoot was bittersweet because this house that they have spent their last 10+ years in has been sold and they areView full post »

Rylan | Cake Smash

This little guy is making his second appearance on the blog.  If you remember, back in the fall, his momma brought him over for an impromtu snow photo shoot in his Christmas Story Snowsuit.  {Here’s the link if you’d like to look backView full post »

Melissa Seth & Paighton | Family

So this is another one of our nurses – Melissa – and her family. Her fiance, Seth, and their baby Paighton. We have been trying to get this photo shoot scheduled for WEEKS! But the snow just won’t stop around here. Fortunately, weView full post »

Week 16

So I haven’t been counting the weeks lately because I had so many photos from Switzerland to post… but now I’m back onto my 52 weeks project.  I finally bought my 35 mm 1.4 L lens last week so these photos are of my puppy girl, asView full post »

Week 7

Few edits from the snowstorm this week… and yes. Week 6 is missing. Sorry ’bout that. Here are some fun wintery pics of our pup.View full post »

Week 4 – Cat Trap

For this fourth week of fifty-two, I will start with this pretty winter photo of our Christmas wreath on the front door. We took down all our decorations a couple weeks ago… but forgot the wreath. One morning this week, as I was leaving theView full post »

Week 3

This last week was pretty busy. We moved into our new clinic at work and stumbled through all the new processes involved. So technically I am cheating when it comes to this posting, as these photos were taken throughout the fall and winter —View full post »

Halsteads {the last few photos}

Here are the last few photos of the Halsteads!View full post »

Week 2 of 52

So here is my latest set of photos for my weekly project. The first photo is of the beautiful set of white roses I got from my love on my 27th birthday last Friday. They were a wonderful surprise at work— brightening up the end of a long weekView full post »

52 weeks

So — one of my New Year Resolutions is to do a 52 week project. I know – not the most original idea out there. But still, I love the idea of having photos every week of our world. Now I just need the husband to start cooperating. AndView full post »

Halsteads | Family

This is Heather (one of the best nurses and momma’s I know) and her family. We work together and have been talking about doing this photo shoot for quite some time.  Finally today we made it happen. We may or may not have pulled the kids out aView full post »

Rylan & His Momma

These are some good friends of ours here in Gillette. I’ve been talking about getting some snow photos of this sweet little guy for months, so on the spur of the moment we did a quick backyard shoot today in his Christmas Story snowsuitView full post »

Country Livin’…. Continued :)

These are the last of the photos from Luke’s Fabulous Fifth Birthday Extravaganza…  View full post »

Country Livin’

Last night my sister-in-law and I took her kids to a friends house here in Gillette. They live on the edge of town with 20 acres and with the most beautiful view. They are probably the most welcoming, down to earth people I know. And they have theView full post »

Favorite Season

This last year in Wyoming, I remember only one true snowstorm, and we happened to be out of the state when it happened. Incredibly disappointing.  But this past Friday, October 5th, 2012. We had our first snowstorm of this upcoming winter. It wasView full post »

Jax | Keira | Chantel Part 2

More photos of Chantel, Keira and Jaxton!View full post »

Baby Jax | Fall 2011

As I was going through my hard drive, I found these photos of my nephew, Jaxton about a year ago. He would have been about 5 months here. Love love love these photos. What a personality he already had! View full post »

Jax | Keira | Chantel

This is my sister-in-law, Chantel, and her two kids, Jaxton and Keira. Keira is 4 and just LOVES to be the center of attention. And Jaxton is almost 1 1/2 and he loves his mom FIERCELY.View full post »

Growing Up…

So over the course of the wedding and honeymoon, we sent Zoe to puppy college. She spent 5 weeks with a trainer in Lingle, Wyoming – Keith Gibbs with Rawhide Kennels. He did an AMAZING job with her. However, it started off a bit rocky. DuringView full post »

Baby Zoe

So, I haven’t been on my blog much in the last couple of months and here is the reason for at least part of that time. We got a yellow lab puppy in early March and have had our hands FULL! Plus, I was busy building up my Zoe photo collection!View full post »

Christmas Card for the Niece and Nephew

So me and my future sister-in-law spent most of yesterday trying to get a 5 month old to smile and a 3 year old to cooperate. We were successful in both and I think we got some pretty cute photos 🙂  View full post »

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