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Week 16

So I haven’t been counting the weeks lately because I had so many photos from Switzerland to post… but now I’m back onto my 52 weeks project.  I finally bought my 35 mm 1.4 L lens last week so these photos are of my puppy girl, as she is the only one who sort of tolerates me and my playtime.

These first few photos make me laugh. I’m down stairs and I hear her growling and crying, which usually means she really wants one of her toys, but can’t get to it. So sure enough, her ball is stuck between the folds in her fence. Now this creates a significant problem for Miss Zo because she REALLY wants her ball, but she is terrified of the fence. So here she is trying to figure out how to outsmart the fence.

We love how she is the most polite dog ever when she really wants something. She sits as pretty as she can, in hopes that we will get it for her. But no luck today. We make her face her fears. 

Getting a little more brave… she does this about three times before finally just going in for it in the photo below 🙂

Now she’s happy 🙂 

We recently got about a foot of snow…. this is her LOVING it. 

This one really makes me laugh– I was playing around with this flooring and background and had her sit for me. Clearly, she is not interested in being my model ANY longer.

Those last two photos are my absolute favorite. This is the look I get from her when I edit for too many hours in a day. She sneaks under my feet under my desk, lets out a little yelp, then pushes her head onto my lap. This is her under the desk as she has pushed me away from the computer. I love it. Just play with me, momma!!


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