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Second Day in Zermatt {the BEST DAY of the WEEK}

The second day in Zermatt was by far the best day of the entire week. By Far.  And in fact, might be one of the best vacation days I’ve ever had.  I had debated over whether I wanted to snowboard or not once I got there because it has been a few years and I knew I would be rusty. But the main reason why I have always wanted to go to Switzerland in the winter time was to experience snowboarding in the Alps. So when I got up that morning, the Matterhorn was still not visible, so I pulled myself out of bed, rented a snowboard and boots and headed up the mountain. Becky decided to stay back and take photos that day because she was afraid she would be leaving Zermatt in a cast if she had joined me. So I took a train up to the top of one of the mountains and spent about half the day snowboarding the Alps.  The views were incredible. Unfortunately, I didn’t let myself bring my camera up the mountain in fear of breaking it. But I did take my point-n-shoot, so I will post some of those dreadful photos at another time. At the top of the mountain, I experienced my first European snowfall. It was beautiful but it caused most of the peaks to be hidden in the fog and clouds. Fortunately though, I could still see a lot of the surrounding mountains. They were everywhere. Everywhere you turned, there was another mountain. And later I found out that most of the mountains were in neighboring Italy. I had no idea exactly how close I was to Italy. Well  The whole time I was up there, I know I was that annoying person who stops right in front of you while skiing/snowboarding. But the views were too amazing and I’m not exactly talented enough at snowboarding to enjoy the views and ride at the same time. So I stopped. A lot. And soaked in the views.

At about 1:00, I went back down the mountain to meet Becky at our hotel. After resting a bit and showering, Becky busts excitedly into the room, informing me that the Matterhorn had finally shown her beautiful face. We grabbed our cameras and rushed to the roof top terrace. The first photo below is of our first view of her.  After getting way too many photos from that roof top, we decided to head back up the mountain to where I was just snowboarding, this time with our nice cameras.   Lucky for us, she stayed out for the rest of the afternoon and evening and provided some incredible shots and views.  The amazing thing about the Matterhorn was that it never stopped becoming more and more incredible. It was truly the most majestic sight I’ve ever seen. Every view was more awesome than the last.  I couldn’t really even show its true size in any of my photos below. There just really wasn’t anything to create scale with up there because all the mountains are all so huge and so close.

Anyway- we took the train up to Gornergrat. That is the highest point of one of the ski runs and also has a space observatory from the top. After exploring and taking photos for a while, we took the train down one stop to a restaurant/cafeteria for the skiers. We ordered a beer and watched the sun try to go down behind the Matterhorn.  One of the most amazing parts about this was how quickly the weather would change. Several times we were afraid that we had lost her for the rest of the evening, but a new wind would come up and she would show her face again. But even down lower in the valleys between the peaks, the fog would roll in and roll out, changing the view by the second.  Perfect for a couple photographers.

Finally, the train lines were threatening to close down so we had to head back into Zermatt. That evening, we asked a taxi driver to take us up to a viewpoint over the city. And he did. And he took us to the most perfect view of Zermatt and the Matterhorn. Here, Becky and I practiced our low light photography again and I was able to capture one of my favorite images of the entire week.

Because there are so many photos in this one post, I plan to do another post soon with all of my favorite photos from the week. Please comment below and let me know which ones are {YOUR} favorite. I’d love to know which ones you like the best.


  • Dianna Lynn - As always your pictures of Zermatt were breathtaking!ReplyCancel

  • Annie Peterson Graham - They are all gorgeous! The last one is my favorite 🙂 Great Job! I can’t wait to see the pictures from Amanda’s Wedding! You are very talented.ReplyCancel

  • Annie Peterson Graham - Me too! Have you started coming to Casper yet?ReplyCancel

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