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Day 1 in Zermatt

After leaving Interlaken and Jungfrau, we took a regular commuter train to Zermatt. We arrived around lunch time in Zermatt and took a little electric car to our hotel – they actually don’t allow any real cars in Zermatt, other than these little electric carts. So when we got to our hotel, we ran straight up to the rooftop terrace to get a first glimpse of the Matterhorn, but sadly enough, she was hidden within the clouds. The clouds were thick enough that we were pretty certain that she wouldn’t show her beautiful face that day, so our plan was to just explore this perfect little village. We enjoyed sandwiches for lunch made with the most amazing european bread and then little Matterhorn shaped swiss chocolate for dessert. Amazing.  We also may have stopped for some German beer mid afternoon. Even more amazing.

Late in the afternoon we found a cemetery that was used just for people killed while trying to climb the Matterhorn. My favorite is photographed below- a man from NYC whose stone said “I chose to climb.” Again, there was so much snow that just the top of the headstones poked out.  Another thing I loved about their cemeteries is that many of the stones had a photo of the person. It was really cool to explore these cemeteries and think about who these people were, and actually have a face to connect with them. (By the way- most of the cemetery photos below were not from the mountain climber cemetery.)

Later that evening, we looked for a good lookout point to get sunset photos. We ended up just sticking with the rooftop of the hotel. After that, we went out for fondue at a local restaurant. It turns out that Switzerland is actually where fondue originated- so we had to try it. It was amazing. My favorite part of that was “dessert” — no not the fondue dessert you are thinking of. They actually served the broth that you cook your meat in but mixed with dry white wine.  It was so so good.

After dinner, we did a little low-light photo shoot- taking turns finding the light and then photographing each other. I love the shots that I got of Becky below.


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