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Jungfrau and Grindelwald

So these are the photos from day 3.   It actually started off with a bit of disappointment but somehow the day turned out absolutely perfect.  When we got to the train station that morning with the plan to ride the train up to Jungfrau – the “top of Europe” or the highest point in the Alps, they told us that Jungfrau was closed due to high winds. Disappointed, we still bought tickets up to Wengen, a small town on the way to Jungfrau. The first photo below is the view from the train up above Wengen. When we got to Wengen, we explored for a bit and found out that the train is now open up to Kleine Scheidegg.  So we hopped the train and continued up to Kleine Scheidegg. This is a little three building town that is basically just a ski resort. This town sits at the bottom of Jungfrau and is where you can catch the train up to the top of the mountain. So when we got there, the wind was outrageous. And we live in Wyoming. So that says something.  So we tried to stay outside and get some photos of the incredible view but… we didn’t last long.  I did catch a shot of Becky trying to bare the cold, which I posted below,  but soon after it was taken, we had to get onto the train to prevent frostbite. 😛  Fortunately, by the time we got to this point, the rest of the train line had opened to the top. Talk about luck.

 So next we took the train all the way to the top… this is at just under 14,000 feet. I have several photos from the building at the top of the mountain below. This view was absolutely breathtaking. 360 degree views of the highest peaks in the Alps.  Amazing. But one thing I will never forget is the floor of the viewpoint – it was a steel grate. So as you stood up there, you could look straight down the face of the mountain below your feet. And you could feel every bit of the wind that flies up the mountainside. We really couldn’t stay out there long because of the bitter cold wind. But we pushed through, all for the love of photography.

So after heading back down the mountain, we took a different train line to the other side of the mountain. This train took us to my second favorite town of the trip – Grindelwald.   Once we arrived, we enjoyed some beer and local food at a pub, then continued to explore. My favorite part of Grindelwald was the church and its cemetery. The snow almost covered the headstones, leaving just the top of them to poke out over the snow.  Gorgeous.

But sadly, we eventually lost our light, so we took the train the rest of the way back down to Interlaken for our last night there. The next day we left for Zermatt…. the BEST couple days of the whole trip.   Just to let you know how awesome Zermatt was… I had to force myself to edit all the photos before Zermatt because I knew that once I started with those, I’d never go back to the earlier, less impressive (but still amazing), days.  Hopefully I’ll have those up next weekend.



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