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Week 4 – Cat Trap

For this fourth week of fifty-two, I will start with this pretty winter photo of our Christmas wreath on the front door. We took down all our decorations a couple weeks ago… but forgot the wreath. One morning this week, as I was leaving the house, I noticed this beautiful layer of snow covering the wreath. So of course I needed a photo.

Now for the set of photos that inspired the title of this entry – Cat Trap.  So this photo below is a bush in our backyard and a hole that Zoe has dug next to it. This is where the neighbors cat sits. She comes over to torment the puppy and always does it from this very spot. Well, Zoe used to be afraid of the cat- but suddenly she has realized that she is bigger than this cat, and that she could probably take the cat.

Well, since the cat always seems to be faster than our pup, Zoe has apparently tried to build a cat trap by digging a hole to catch her in. This photo below is proof.

So now our Zoe girl is obsessed with watching her Cat Trap.

As proven by the next set of photos. Now all I need is a video to show her run out onto the porch when we finally let her out and then once she discovers the trap is clear, she comes running back to the door, begging to be let back in.

Now repeat- all day, everyday.

These next photos are of the belated birthday present that we finally go for her. She loved it.


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