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Week 3

This last week was pretty busy. We moved into our new clinic at work and stumbled through all the new processes involved. So technically I am cheating when it comes to this posting, as these photos were taken throughout the fall and winter — BUT I edited them during week 3, so I’m posting them as week 3 🙂  AND its my project… I’ll cheat if I want to 🙂

This is my love blowing off some steam — killing zombies with his friends.

This is me trying to be sneaky — shooting Zoe from around the corner 🙂

Zoe as the happiest dog in the whole world. This is her at the park playing fetch. 

and I love this photo…. Zane was doing dishes and his hands were soaked, so I thought I’d “de-pants” him at a time when he couldn’t pull them back up 🙂

And Zoe is wondering what the heck is going on.


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