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Week 2 of 52

So here is my latest set of photos for my weekly project. The first photo is of the beautiful set of white roses I got from my love on my 27th birthday last Friday. They were a wonderful surprise at work— brightening up the end of a long week.

So this photo takes some explaining…. Monday afternoon I’m home catching up on my photography- snuggled up in my computer chair with the warmest space heater ever keeping me ultra toasty and comfy. Well after a good hour or two if this bliss, everything goes black. The computer. The lights. And my beloved heater. I thought I blew the circuit so I check the breaker box and sure enough, the computer room was flipped off. So I turn it back on. Nothing happens. Oh, the light in the bathroom turns on… but nothing else. So we have a problem. I call my husband in a panic – he doesn’t answer (working). So I call my dad in a panic. He gives me some good ideas but the jist of it is “Don’t electrocute yourself!” (which I tried to do recently, but that’s another story).  Zane comes home that evening, spends a few hours on it without luck. After a whole night of hearing my complaints, he calls an electrician to come by on Tuesday. Tuesday he shows up and works for 4 hours with no luck. He goes home with a plan to return the following day. Zane gets home, brings a friend with him, and the two of them solve the problem. The only thing that cost us was a couple beers for the friend. And an electrician bill that will be arriving any day now. But this photo is Zane after he removed the ceiling fan in the bathroom and had to reconnect some electrical wires up somewhere in that hole.  But lesson learned. Never again will I ask Zane to call the electrician or any other specialist for that matter.  He is a do-it-yourselfer-extraordinaire.  And if he can’t do it, Sam certainly can.  And the more times I take my own advice there, the sooner I can get that new L-series lens I’ve been dying for…. 🙂    

This is Kelly. We love her, but not as much a Zoe does. Kelly and her boyfriend picked her up from the kennel for us a couple weeks ago.

Because of this – Zoe will love her till the day she dies.

Night time at the Brady’s 🙂

This is Zoe showing off her Christmas gift. 

Her favorite place in the house. 

Zoe modeling for my creative lighting shoot 🙂 

And I caught them in a moment 😉 

What a diva.

And on this below zero evening, my husband and I are enjoying some Dr McGillicuddy’s in hot cocoa (No, its not nesquik- it’s Linda Hawkinson’s famous hot cocoa mix.)

 And Zane needed the Phuket cup after a long week at work.  Good Friday night at the Brady’s.


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