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Growing Up…

So over the course of the wedding and honeymoon, we sent Zoe to puppy college. She spent 5 weeks with a trainer in Lingle, Wyoming – Keith Gibbs with Rawhide Kennels. He did an AMAZING job with her. However, it started off a bit rocky. During his first “Check-in” phone call, his exact words to describe our baby girl were “Train Wreck.”  Oops. She was, what I thought, just a typical lab puppy. Jumping on people and almost losing an arm when you walk her were, what I thought, normal?  But apparently, that’s not how any dog should act, regardless of age.  And boy did he whip her into shape.  She did however, take 2 weeks longer than anticipated, but shes now PLEASANT to be around.  She sits until you release her, she listens, she doesn’t jump, you can walk her off lead and if a car comes by you simply tell her to sit and she won’t move. She does still destroy her toys, but so far, nothing too valuable of ours has been destroyed.

And she is my favorite subject… since the husband is less cooperative.

This is one of the first photos I have taken for my photography class. I’m working on composition and interesting viewpoints.


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