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Days 5-7 in Thailand

These photos are from the end of our time in Phuket. They were taken at the Islands of Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don south of Phuket. We took a ferry ride down to Phi Phi Don, where all the hotels are. On our way to Phi Phi Don, our ferry boat took us around Phi Phi Ley to see the famous Maya Bay, the cove where “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio was filmed in 2000. The cove was completely full of people and speed boats. They literally packed as many people as they could onto that little beach. Fortunately, I had found out prior to going that all of the tour groups go straight to Maya Bay and spend the mornings there before loading up their groups and leaving early afternoon. So when the Ferry docked at Phi Phi Don, we checked into our hotel, had some lunch and then paid a local to take us on his longtail boat on a tour of Phi Phi Ley. I think we gave him an equivalent of 60 dollars and he took us where ever we wanted, for the whole afternoon. It was perfect. We went around the back part of the island first and found more little coves for snorkeling.  We swam for a little bit at each one and then ended up at Maya Bay around midafternoon. It was absolutely perfect. There were about 10% of the people left by that time in the afternoon. We snorkeled, swam and took pictures. The sand was perfectly white. The water was perfectly turquoise.  After a couple of hours, the tide was at the lowest it gets and our boat kept threatening to get stuck, so we decided to head back to Phi Phi Don.

After getting back to Phi Phi Don, we had some dinner and then headed over to the opposite side of the island to watch the sunset. The tide was still very low. This was cool because its a totally different view of the bay than most people get. It was also pretty cool to watch the locals out fishing in the tidal pools.

 Panorama. The island to the left is Phi Phi Ley. The one straight ahead and to the right is all Phi Phi Don.

 This was one of the other tours at one of the snorkeling coves. This one was the most amazing.  The colorful ribbons on the Long Tail Boats Maya Bay, by the time we got there it was mostly empty. Amazing.  Maya Bay – “The Beach”
 Maya Bay Some other tourists on Maya Bay Long Tail Boat at Maya Bay Long Tail Boat at Maya Bay This is one of the locals running a tour at Maya Bay Long Tail boats at one of the snorkeling coves. Amazing the height of the limestone walls. 

 Huge limestone cliffs The second morning in Phi Phi Don Sunset, the first evening on Phi Phi Don. This is usually underwater but the tide was at its lowest.  Sunset on Phi Phi Don at low tide This is amazing.  “Never Die”


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