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November Snowstorm

So this weekend, I’m a bit of a bachelorette. My loving fiance is down in Vegas partying with the boys, so what do I do? Pack up my camera and go for a drive. I spent the evening with my parents in Cheyenne but then needed to go get some furniture at Ikea today in Denver. I actually didn’t have any intentions of finding anything photoworthy but this morning I stumbled across the most incredible sights. Crossing the border into Colorado, I am always struck by the beauty of the mountains. Today it was especially beautiful because we had quite the snowstorm 2 nights ago. With snow always comes the most beautiful, crisp, vibrant blue sky in the days after and it was no different today. The land was blanketed with white, contrasting so beautifully from the vibrant blue sky.

As I continue toward Denver, I see fog hovering over Fort Collins and white snow frosting the trees, showing off each and every branch. Now, I tend to have a little bit of a lead foot (I get it from my mom). And I also tend to “race my GPS.” Meaning, when I leave someplace and my GPS says that I will arrive at 10:03, I push myself to get there as far ahead of 10:03 as possible. Well, today my GPS actually did say that I would arrive at IKEA at 10:03 but it ended up being closer to 11:00. Why?  Because I followed my GPS to the nearest exit and looked for a quiet dirt road to take photos. I’d also like to mention that because this was an unplanned detour, I was wearing flats today. Not my usual tall black boots. But flats. On the first day with temps in the teens and 6 inches of snow for me to wade through for the perfect shot. So tell me- was it worth having cold, wet feet for the next 2 hours?


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