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Hello world!

So after years of facebooking my photos, I’ve decided its time to find a new way to share my photos. There are few reasons why I’m switching to blogging

  1. I’m not real comfortable with the fine print over at facebook and their interest in owning my work– So I figure the safest way to show them is through my own website.
  2. I have a terrible memory. Just ask my fiance. I drive him nuts, I’m sure. So this blog is something that I can save and refer back to for memories of my travel/life experiences.
  3.  There are a few blogs that I’ve been following that totally inspire me, and really, that’s why I’m here. I want to come up with my version.

So yes, I have reasons why I want to do this, but I do need to include a disclaimer.  I’m not the greatest with words. My dad is a writer so you would think that it would be in my blood. But its not. I understand grammar but my vocabulary sucks. Fortunately though- with photography, I don’t NEED words. Photos speak for themselves.  And I love to hear what the photos say to you. So I’ll give a few comments but this is more a photo blog than a writing blog.

A little about my photography – I started taking photos in Europe in 2006 with a little point and shoot. I went back in 2008 with my Canon dSLR and planned 4 months of travel around that camera. So most of my photography is travel/landscape. Since 2008 though, I’ve picked up a little bit of “portrait” work. I’m working on the art of being invisible, you know, where you sit in the corner taking photos of people and things around you, without them noticing. It really is an art though. And I’m working on it. But that’s why I specialize in travel photography.  A cityscape doesn’t tense up when I raise my camera.

In addition to showing my photos, I also hope to add a store feature one day. In the meantime, I have a portfolio option that you can click on above that will take you to a slideshow of my absolute favorite photos. If any of them stand out to you and you’d like to purchase them, you can always email me and I can certainly print any of them for you.

And I think I’ll start this blog off with one of my favorite sunrise photos. This is in Kure Beach, North Carolina. I spent 8 weeks in Wilmington, NC in fall of 2010. I woke up one morning at low tide to try to capture the tidal pools. I was bundled up in layers and layers of clothes. This photo always reminds me of the crisp ocean air that morning.




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